To bind or not to bind

2 minute read Published: 2022-10-14

Binding or Name Binding is a way to associate data with a symbolic identifier usually called variable. Why it is important in Rust, what rocks are underwater and how it intersects with scopes and lifetimes?

Smart Wallets

2 minute read Published: 2022-06-20

Smart Wallets

When working with Smart Wallets - question on how to verify their signatures may arise. This blog post will give you a basic understanding of theory and practice regarding this question.

Why Rust

11 minute read Published: 2021-06-26


People ask me a lot about Rust, so I wrote this blog post to answer following questions:

Pareto IRL

2 minute read Published: 2021-04-05

Short post on Pareto principle. Had you ever need to implement GraphQL API on top of some database entities with simple CRUD? Did you look through possible options to find an already working solution (with no coding required)?

User Story

1 minute read Published: 2020-12-16

Recently I had to pick up leadership in a team with vague release scope. This post will tell how I made User Stories my ally in this mission.

First CV

2 minute read Published: 2020-12-11

Recently I gave an advice to a guy who was looking for a job as intern. He sent me CV and this was my feedback. I changed content to make it more general and helpful for most of junior specialists.

My Toolbox

0 minute read Published: 2020-11-26


0 minute read Published: 2020-11-26

If you miss your estimates it means you failed to decompose issue.


1 minute read Published: 2020-11-26

Working on different projects we always deal with people's suggestions.

Do it that way! We must follow this methodology! Why can't we grab this tool into our application?

Palka, palka, ogurechik

9 minute read Published: 2019-05-25

This is "after speech" post about my thoughts on BDD, coders vs developers and some hype.

Nikita Puzankov

1 minute read Published: 2019-05-07